The Route

July 18, 2013


In order to gain the capacity to attempt The National Walk, I will be embarking on a series of shorter Biosphere Reconciliation Walks.

Sydney to Parkes.

360 km walk.

The first of which will be in early 2014, and start at the Sydney Opera House, proceed over the Blue Mountains, and on through Lithgow and finish in Parkes, (named after Sir Henry Parkes, the ‘father of federation in Australia’. This  will condition and debug any logistical and’ living on the road’ daily adjustments which may be needed.

The next will most likely be.

Sydney to Canberra

300 km walk.

National Biosphere Reconciliation Walk

17,000 km walk.

The larger by far, the main Biosphere Reconciliation Walk will follow the route essentially of Highway 1, otherwise known as The National Highway, on the Mainland, and Tasmania. This will be commenced when I have all the conditions ready. Exactly when will be announced well in advance.

Below is a map of The National Highway.


I will be starting this Bio-Recon Walk from Darwin in the Northern Territory. I will walk following a South Easterly direction through Katherine and turning East at Tenant Creek head for Townsville via a smaller road veering North East at Cloncurry, then turning North toward Cairns. The next leg of the journey is the Southward Eastern Coast through Brisbane, Sydney, (including crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge), then on to the National Capitol, Canberra, and then Melbourne.

From Melbourne I make the Sea Voyage to Burnie, and walk to Hobart. I will re-embark on ship for Melbourne, and when on dry land head  in a North Westerly direction towards Adelaide. Then the journey heads Westward to Perth, crossing the Great Nullarbor Plain. From Perth I head Northward to Port Headland, and Broome, then North East to Katherine and arriving back in Darwin.

The walk will take from 14 – 18 months, depending on conditions and scheduled events along the journey.

Although it will vary considerably due to conditions, weather and scheduled events, I expect to cover 200-300 km per week.

There will be a daily feed to this site showing my progress on a search engine maps browser. Anyone will be able to see how far I have travelled each day, week, month, or for the whole journey. This will be up on the site ASAP.

One step at a time, one foot in front of the other.



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One Comment on “The Route”

  1. Heather Gault Says:

    Ben, so glad to see you are doing some shorter walks before setting out on the big one. Should be useful to “finetune” your equipment and get a feel for how you’ll be able to get your message across to people you meet en route.