Resilient Giving Communities

August 4, 2013


I am asking for a realisation of a new world culture. A  world culture of true participatory community and giving, replacing a wasteful and unsustainable life of competition, class based exploitation and ecological destruction.

True giving is the Realisation of the Interconnectedness of all Beings.

We must change.

We will not survive the coming times, without the strengths of Resilient Giving Communities. The often quoted Neo-Liberal maxim, lifted from famed Economist Adam Smith, of ‘Self Interest’ being at the centre of our social being, or even the core of our inner being, as humans, is the greatest lie promulgated to justify present and past systems of human inequality.

DDIR David Graeber

DDAR John Ralston Saul

DDAR Mark Boyle


I acknowledge a diversity of cultural forms.

In essence, I see no difference.

We need each other.


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