The Call

August 4, 2013


The Call

I am calling people the world over to make 2014 a year for Biosphere Reconciliation.

I am calling for 2014 to be the year of Renewable Energy Transition. We need to recognise the shortcomings of Grid Power, and make the incremental change to lower impact forms of energy generation, and a lower impact system, or selection of systems.

I am calling for people the world over to see that centralised energy systems, burning carbon based fuels like Coal, Oil and Gas , are no longer appropriate to maintain a living planet. Generating 12 volt power in a domestic setting is achievable, and is a goal anyone with support can manage. Recent changes in Energy Markets point to an industry with no viable future.

CAP   electric-utilities-future_b_3660311

Will electric utilities go the way of black rotary-phones and daily print newspapers, squeezed out by technology innovation, competition, stranded capital costs, and consumers wanting to make their own electric power? If you said yes, you are not alone.

Even electric utility insiders seem to think this might happen, as solar, fuel cells, small wind, and other distributed forms of generation come on-line to displace big, centralized nuclear, gas and coal power plants.

In a publication that got too little attention when it was released in the dark days of this past winter, the electric industry’s trade group, the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), issued one of those reports that industries rarely write. Written and paid for by the trade group, but not endorsed by it, it is a remarkable self-analysis. In it, advisers to EEI admitted that the very survival of electric utilities is at stake from the increasing use of distributed generation technologies like solar and energy efficiency programs across the country.

The EEI report noted the success clean energy is having across the country, primarily due to several factors: the decline in price of various renewable energy technologies, the increasing public support for clean energy, and the development of various new rate structures that promote distributed technologies. It also noted the “evolution in capital markets” that these technology companies are starting to enjoy, such as residential PV leasing models. “This suggests,” says the report, “the potential to fund a large and growing industry.”

Lewis Milford President, Clean Energy Group (CEG) Huff Post Green August 3, 2013

CAP   issuesandpolicy/finance/Documents/disruptivechallenges.pdf

(Note: The report and the previous article covers USA data only)

I am calling for everyone who lives in a dwelling to make attempts to retrofit at least one room for 12 Volts, run from renewable sources of electricity.

I am calling for this to be done from existing waste, and recycled materials, not by creating more ‘stuff ‘ and creating more markets, which will add to resource extraction.

I am calling for all to accept that ‘Economic Growth’ is no longer viable as a worldwide economic mantra of commerce or politics, as it produces more and more toxic pollution, and continues habitat destruction.

CAP  Tim Jackson

CAP  Prosperity Without Growth

CAP   20090522_pwg_summary_eng.pdf

I am calling Design Institutes and Universities to run student competitions to find the best 12 Volt Wind, Water, Solar, and Earth renewable energy system that is made from reused and recyclable materials, that can be embedded in domestic roofs, or properties,  to maximise local conditions, ( retaining some aesthetic sympathy). A similar focus needs to move to Solar Thermal Systems also made from reused and recycled materials. (Can it be that hard?- future post))

I am calling for the world wide Men’s Shed movement to take up the challenge of creating a 12 Volt system so it can interface with domestic dwellings, and with little cost be deployable as an alternative power system for everyone, regardless of financial factors. Disused automobiles around the world can provide all the materials, if some practical designs are discovered.

I am calling everyone who gives a gift in 2014 to choose a non-electrical appliance, thereby not adding to grid use. Make your gift instead. (Future post)

I am calling everyone to see, understand and accept that we can no longer afford to run personal Automobiles , and use grid power for Developed World individual activities, so we need to share our journeys, and adopt a 12 VOLT DOMESTIC SYSTEM AS A WORLDWIDE STANDARD, which is achievable, and can provide an acceptable level of living standards anywhere.

I am calling everyone to understand the planet will no longer support an unrealistic ‘dream’ that exists presently, of Business As Usual, BAU, and a ‘developed world’ standard of life for all. That dream is not realisable anymore.

CAP  Chris Hedges

CAP   Hedges: We Must Grasp Reality to Build Effective Resistance – Pt 3 of 7

I am calling everyone to vastly reduce waste, and reduce energy demand at the domestic level. We need to refuse to allow Economic Growth to continue to dominate political, economic and bureaucratic thinking, and thereby stopping the continual expansion of the machine of material and biosphere consumption, then any gains we make will stay gains, and real practical reductions can be stabilised. But if Economic Growth is allowed a ‘free pass’, as is the present dominating tendency, then any gains made by reductions will simply be soon passed by, but only a little later than otherwise would have been.

CAP  Richard Heinberg

CAP  Post Carbon Institute

CAP  Dr Albert A. Bartlett

CAP   The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See (part 1 of 8 )

I am calling for everyone to walk to their local market place, and leave the family automobile behind, literally. Put on a sweater, carry an umbrella, get a bit cold or wet, and experience the world, as it is, just for 2014.

I am calling for Local Councils, State Officials and National Electricity Bureaucrats to work creatively to enable legal changes to allow householders to retrofit their existing mains system to accommodate switching to 12 Volt, when needed, without penalty.

I am calling for Experts and Tinkerers, Automotive Electricians, and Battery Technicians to develop methods to remodel and refit standard spent Car Batteries to be banked and made to store renewable domestic 12 Volt power.

I am calling for us to give to each other, the encouragement and support  needed to get this job done, for the common good.

I am calling for state and national/federal governments to heavily subsidise all attempts to develop a 12 volt standard secondary domestic system, that has the capacity to street share power.

I am calling for us to walk away from the ways we know create the problem, and walk towards the ways we know create the solutions.

I am calling for communities to become more resilient – because it is communities and individuals, not governments and political parties, that experience the destructive effects from Catastrophic Climate Change.


CAP   shanghai-heat-wave-2013-hottest

CAP    2013_Tasmanian_bushfires

CAP   heat-wave-2012-labeled-hottest-year-on-record

CAP   australia-endures-record-heatwave-20120103-1pjaw

CAP   Hurricane_Sandy

CAP   2010_Pakistan_floods

CAP   2003_European_heat_wave

I am calling for everyone who lives in a community to set up at least one community garden, to set up a community co-operative currency, and to create and spread wealth via these modes, which requires no fiat currency nor any financial investment, just human labour and organisation, and recycles materials. (future post)

CAP   Bernard Lietaer

CAP   TEDxBerlin – Bernard Lietaer – 11/30/09

CAP   Bernard Lietaer – PopTech-2011

CAP   Mark Boyle

That we need money to live – like it or not – is a self-evident truism. Right? Not anymore.

Drawing on almost three years of experience as The Moneyless Man, Mark Boyle not only demystifies money and the system that binds us to it, he also explains how liberating, easy and enjoyable it is to live with less of it.

In this book, Mark takes us on an exploration that goes deeper into the thinking that pushed him to make the decision to go moneyless, and the philosophy he developed along the way. Bursting with radical new perspectives on some of the vital, yet often unquestioned, pillars of economic theory and what it really means to be ‘sustainable’ – as well as creative and practical solutions for how we can live more with less – Boyle offers us one of the world’s most thought-provoking voices on economic and ecological ideas.

Mark’s original, witty style will help simplify and diversify your personal economy, freeing you from the invisible ties that limit you and making you more resilient to financial shocks.

The Moneyless Manifesto explores why making the transition beyond monetary economics is becoming the zeitgeist of the Occupy generation, and how you can participate in the world’s only booming economy – the gift economy.


CAP   TEDxO’Porto – Mark Boyle – The Moneyless Man

Many many people are working extremely hard on these issues, on Climate Change, Social Justice, Resilient Communities, and Fearless Public Education, (future posts). My intention is to add to those honest and passionate efforts.

We stand and work together…or we fragment, live in modern slavery or perish.

But I am calling everyone able to do something, to do it in 2014..

Make 2014 the year we make the changes so we survive and live in a sane world, a living world –  so we do everything to give the children a living planet to enjoy.

I’ve made the call !


Biosphere Reconciliation Walk 2014


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