The Walk

August 4, 2013


I can no longer live in the usual way, so I will be walking away.

To where I do not know. But I can no longer stand by, and stand silent, watching the blatant disruption of genuine public discourse on matters so crucial to our well-being and survival – Catastrophic Climate Change.

Climate Change affects all life on Earth, and how we move forward right now, is critical to our well being, and survival as a species. There is little or no real movement to curb Green House Gas, (GHG), emissions. The full evidence, the full story is not getting to the public around the world.

No ordinary publicity campaign, no ordinary media staged event will get the critical discussions in local communities, the very places Catastrophic Climate Change will be experienced.

So I walk away – and feel that this is all there is left to do in the face of such a stark reality at our feet.

I am putting  my time and energy into creating community debate, on issues of Community Resilience by way of investigating Cooperative Currencies; on issues of Catastrophic Climate Change, by talking and listening to people; on issues of Renewable Energy by promoting the reuse and application of existing waste and discarded items to generate 12 volt system energy; on issues of social justice for Indigenous Peoples, here in Australia and everywhere; on advocating a society, where everyone is enfranchised to participate with Honour in an Equal Society; and on supporting the most vulnerable in our communities, the children.

I am walking the Australian Continent, along the National Highway pulling a modified Recycle Bin containing what I need to survive, which includes all kinds of renewable micro energy devices, made from discarded reused and recycled items, most of which I have found while walking. I am starting with small steps.

Along this journey to a new way of living, I will be offering others what I call Radical Hospitality, (future post).

For those who wish to support me directly on this journey, I will be accepting gifts, hospitality and support from individuals only. I am not seeking ordinary corporate sponsors. Regarding what  will keep me alive –  food, and  fuel for cooking – I will rely on the $300 of personal savings I have, and a few small pledges of support from my community, and go from there.

As increments of $5,000 are reached in the Trust, this balance will be rolled into term deposits set to mature within three months of the walk’s end. At the end of the walk all the accrued money in the account, and the term deposits , amounting to the gaol of $1,000,000  will go to the establishment of an Ethical Children’s Educational Trust, and the account will be closed permanently, making no personal profit whatsoever.

No advertising of donors will be done by me, be they individuals, small businesses, or corporations.

I am asking any corporations that wish to participate to do so by donating directly to the Trust, (nominated soon).  For local community organisations and local businesses who wish to give support, please do likewise, or approach your local public school principal on how you may contribute. It is my intention to thank personally all individuals who give support along the way, or pledge supporting me personally, to do the walk, and honour their giving.

Over the duration of the walks, which will culminate in the National Walk of some 17,000 km, I will be listening to, and talking with people, interviewing those who’s stories and dreams they wish to share,  discussing just how to bring about a better world, just how to build Resilient Local Communities. I will be showing all who wish to view, the recently released controversial documentary by American filmmaker,  Mike Sosebee:


 – a film about the Peak Oil, Collapse of the Industrial Economy, Catastrophic Climate Change, Near Term Human Extinction, (NTE), and Co-operative Low Impact Human Communities . I will be open to requests to show the film to groups big and small. Just ask for a viewing, but remember to contact me in advance.

In keeping with the desire to strengthen local communities, I am calling for all those, wherever they are, to assert their desire to get action on their local community issues, by starting a campaign called Bring Back The Town Meeting. How that works should be obvious! (future post)


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2 Comments on “The Walk”

  1. mike k Says:

    Good luck on your walk Mike. Something I thought about doing in the 60’s, but didn’t. All credit to you for doing this. It can only bring good….

  2. Happy guy Says:

    It’s a long way to go, but I wish you all the best.

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