You am, I are, We is, Afraidia.

August 27, 2013


Welcome to Afraidia.

Afraidia is the most fearfully secure and luxurious place in the world to be.

Afraidia is the now emerged globalized amalgam of all Anex-1 nations, (the debt-wealthy ones).

Afraidia is your ultimate holiday-for-life destination.

Here in Afraidia everyone is afraid, from birth – afraid of the world, sky, water, weather, trees, food, sounds, visions, bodily functions, and most of the time we are really afraid of all the other humans. But, above all else, we are afraid of Reality, and the Truth.

Here in Afraidia we are especially afraid of any non-us humans. How we in Afraidia determine non-us humans is basically those outside our geopolitical borders, trying to get in. These’ them’ often come by boats. These are the ‘them’ category, and Afraidians are really very afraid of these. They are instantly recognisable, the them category, they just look ‘different’, not ‘ussy’.

Here in Afraidia, you have all the ‘fearful borders’ you will ever need to be ever fearful. We are building them all the time. We even have a new Northern Economic Fearful Zone border, ready to go. You see, we never let up here in Afraidia. That’s right,  just when you think there is nothing else you could possibly be afraid of,  well, we are on it, before you were even aware of your fears – we create them for you – its our pleasure, really.

As Afraidians we are also afraid of our inner life, and all emotions, especially fear itself.

In fact in Afraidia we are so afraid of our inner life, we outsource it to the corporations and security organisations, through little hand held mobile consciousness providers – without them, you just wouldn’t remember to be so afraid. Afraidia now has big computer storehouses which keep your personal ‘eternal records’ of your hopes, fears and dreams, and for all our customers comfort the corporations send you messages, when we want you to be most afraid, and then to remove all experience of the momentary fear, relay to you, at no extra cost, moment to moment updates that assure you – you are alive, you are completely un-valued, and still are Afraidian consumers, and that there is no need to encounter unpleasant huge-fear reality. Not now and not ever again. Not in Afraidia.

Here in Afraidia, we never let reality get in the way of a fear-induced socio-terrorist-blamed consumption opportunity.

This is the simple but powerful reason why everyone is flocking to our wonderful Afraidia – fear is no longer a primal trigger point to initiate inner awareness and deep human bonding, no, for Afraidians, it is our deepest reason to consume, by our absolute 100% way-of-fear existence. In Afraidia, its our total guarantee  – fear 24/7, 365 days, asleep or awake, fear for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all our cultural rituals are all full of fear.

A little secret about how best to get along here in this most perfect ‘place’ of ‘debt-wealth’, ‘fear-ease’ and ‘happy-un-ness’, – think of yourself as the ageless, powerful, sexy, valued consumer you are at heart – yes that’s right, by using your unlimited credit world-consuming gobble ‘n’ go card. The gobble ‘n’ go card is your guarantee of both deep, intrinsic, authentic fear experiences, but is also your gateway to an endless variety of ways to purchase that fear away. Yes, this is the really great thing about Afraidia. Having displaced the created-just-for-you fear, without fully experiencing and understanding it, it will be re-triggered by another of our free of charge, all points fear-alerts, very soon. So no need to worry, as you purchase away your fears, they will return tomorrow – just another of our 100% guarantees.

Afraidia also guarantees you the cradle to grave, moment to moment, pay-later-as-you-go-user-pays-fear-free-consciousness-like-on-permanent-holiday experience, and every time a fear emerges, all you have to do is just use your gobble ‘n’ go card to have a screen based experience, or a long distance purchase, and shuffle the fear of paying now to ‘later’.

Afraidia even lets you outsource your political and social choices, which are, lets face it, so time consuming and well, far too fear inducing and onerous. So just have Afraidia remove the fear of future fear, by us voting for you. You will be instantly notified of your voting choice. Well done!

Here in Afraidia, we just don’t care.

Here in Afraidia, fear is our greatest renewable commodity.

Rest assured, in Afraidia, your future is guaranteed to be full of Fear.


Fear is our business.

In Afraidia, you are guaranteed chioceless globalised utter fear, all you can get and always in real-time too.

So, how do you spot an Afraidian?

Well, its a cute game for the kids and you to try, as you holiday-your-life-away here in Afraidia.

It’s easy, just look into the eyes, and when you see nothing but total fear, you can be Afaidians together.

That’s where the bloody hell you are,

You am, I are, We is, Afraidia


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