Sydney to Parkes – Jan 1st to 10th – Walkaway2014.

December 28, 2013


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Starting to walk away is the hardest part of the journey. So small steps are best. From Lithgow I will be pulling a fridge trolley with all I will need to camp and keep watered and fed.

This Sydney to Parkes walk is dedicated to supporting several Community based Renewable Energy Groups emerging in 2013 in my region of NSW to take up the challenge of shifting energy supply to renewable sources.There are many more forming all over this country and others.

  • PINGALA – Community Renewables for Sydney. Formed March 2013
  • WSRE – Western Sydney Renewable Energy. Forming Now.
  • BMRenew – Blue Mountains Renewale Energy Cooperative. Launched 10th August 2013.
  • CENREC – Central NSW Renewable Energy Cooperative. Launched 17th October 2012.

Some groups are concentrating on wind power, like CENREC, others Solar Photovoltaics, as Residential and/or Commercial, like PINGALA and BMRenew.

There are several reasons for choosing this route.

  • At 350 km in length and starting from Sydney at the Opera House at Circular Quay at about 25 Meters elevation then on to crossing the Blue Mountains at Blackheath 1050 Meters, (my home), and Orange at just shy of 1400 Meters,  it is a good test of my capacity to walk the walk, as they say.
  • The Renewable Energy Groups I am drawing attention to are all on this route.
  • Sydney Cove is the site of the first known European Colony in Australia , and Parkes is named after Sir Henry Parkes, the Founder of Federation in Australia in 1901. Parkes also hosts an annual Festival dedicated to the King, Elvis Presley which coincides with the end of the walk. Elvis was very much into the greatest  source of Renewable Energy, he sang about it all the time and with true Passion – LOVE !

I will be carrying my message stick with me. Anyone wishing to also give me theirs to carry on my national walk are most welcome. Just ask, and we can make one together if you like.

How to Make Your Message Stick

  • Use a paddle pop stick (and if from a paddle pop) thoroughly cleaned and dried.
  • Write your name, and message on one side.
  • Your Town and or Country on the other.
  • Colour with paint or texta the tip according to your age:
  • Green is 12 and under
  • Blue is 13 to 49
  • Red is 50 and over
  • Below the coloured tip a band of Purple indicates you have the endorsement of at least one living parent, grandparent or elder family member.
  • Below the coloured tip a band of Orange indicates you have the endorsement of at least one parent, grandparent or elder family member no longer living.

Message stick-1

Images from the walk will be in a new post after this walk is completed.

Interviews will be in a new section accessed at the top of the page under Interviews.

Snapshot Challenge

Email me a snapshot of me on this walk– actually walking, with details of your name, where and what time. I will sign it and mail it to you, no matter where you live!

Wow what a prize !!

Keep a look out on the route above.

Happy snapping.


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3 Comments on “Sydney to Parkes – Jan 1st to 10th – Walkaway2014.”

  1. mike k Says:

    Just wishing you good luck on your walk. i greatly admire what you are doing. Thought about doing something similar when I was younger, but never did…

  2. Guy McPherson Says:

    Good show! Congratulations on getting started. I’ll be keeping track of your progress.

  3. Kirk Hamilton Says:

    Way to go! I think what you’re doing is really cool! I wish I could walk a few miles with you!

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