Sydney to Lithgow leg of the walk completed – Jan 1st – 5th.

January 10, 2014


The first leg of the Sydney to Parkes Bio-Recon walk – 150 km from Sydney to Lithgow, was walked in just under 30 hrs over the first four days of 2014.

From the Nepean river crossing on the M4 motorway it took 18 hours to arrive at Lithgow Rail head at 7:30 pm Jan 4th.

20 km out from Lithgow towards Bathurst on day 5, heat and blisters made it too difficult to continue. Pushing the laden fridge trolley was not too difficult, but the blisters were only getting worse.

I resolved to withdraw and will make plans to complete the walk later in the year in cooler months and with some support – friends interested in walking away, perhaps.

As these walks are exploratory, experimental, and ‘training’ for the larger walk, I consider this a good beginning. There is always much to learn and above all to adapt to.

This is the greater message of what this journey to walkaway has brought to me – we must adapt or we are done. Grim but not grimmer than a future of Catastrophic Climate Change and a culture of Slave labour and Inverted Totalitarianism. We need to adapt to new ways of relating to each other and the Earth – everything depends on it !

That said the chosen dedication for this work is Renewable Energy, and even though I did not quite link to Bathurst, by walking, all the groups nominated are providing new and solid options for moving from Carbon Intensive Energy to community owned Renewable Energy.

  • PINGALA – Community Renewables for Sydney. Formed March 2013
  • WSRE – Western Sydney Renewable Energy. Forming Now.
  • BMRenew – Blue Mountains Renewale Energy Cooperative. Launched 10th August 2013.
  • CENREC – Central NSW Renewable Energy Cooperative. Launched 17th October 2012.

Please take the time to look into them, and perhaps consider becoming a member and being more active in promoting the renewable options that suit your and/or your family’s needs.

Walkaway2014 – any way you can.


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One Comment on “Sydney to Lithgow leg of the walk completed – Jan 1st – 5th.”

  1. ulvfugl Says:

    Heat and blisters ?

    Heat and feet ?

    Resolved to withdraw ?

    Withdrawal of resolve ?


    So, sit in the shade for half a year.

    I mean, the whole notion of moving about is pretty ridiculous really…

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