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About Ben  Croser

E-handle: OzMan Walker

Community: The Upper Blue Mountains N.S.W. Australia.  80.000 pop. (More coming)

Age:    50

Weight:   96 kg (210 lbs) June 2013

Cardiologist: “Lose 30 kg – by halving  calorie intake, or exercise more”

Ben: “No problem there with the exercise, doc”

Occupation(s): Architecture/Design Tradie, (Model-making) 27 years, then retained in 2005 as High School Teacher-Art.

Family:  One brother passed on, (died). No surviving parents. Have a dog, (does that really qualify?)

Remainder  is private!

Automotive: Never applied for,  nor owned a licence to drive a motor vehicle. Never owned a motor vehicle. Can drive one in an emergency, but no guarantees on the gearbox thereafter. As I do a lot of walking in training and on the walk I pay homage to all the ‘truckies’ and transport workers who run the white line every day – they keep the people fed, so power to ‘them that rule the road’

Inner Life: I have one but here is no place to talk about the details.

Interests: Why limit yourself ? The whole damn Lot !

Human Equality:   I see no difference.

Goals: That should be obvious. (OK, Live out my sentence in peace and quiet!)

Sayings: “It’s not about me, its not about you, its not about us and them – its about ” “I am just a fat white guy highly privileged artist” “We’re all going to die” “How hard can it be…?” “Leave the door half open, otherwise you shut out the great opportunities along with the mundane” ‘Honour is never a found thing, it is either given, and if not given, it must be earned” “That’s spiritual man”

August 24th  – 1000 hits : Hence more….

Weight:   Update- 90 kg (198 lbs) August 2013

Education: Dip Theraputic Massage, Dip Macrobiotics, BVA, BTeach.

Favourite Songs: ‘Ship of Fools’ World Party; ‘Land Down Under’  Men At Work; ‘More Than a Feeling’ Boston; ‘Cool Word’ and Hunters and Collectors; ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ Mark Seymour; ‘One Perfect Day’ Little Heroes ….


Age 16 – 1979: U16 Penrith Juniors District NZ Rugby League Tour, (by coach, group of 23 squad). Tough 5 matches ‘wuth thuh bug bro’s’ in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin. (Second Row, Lock, Hooker).

Age 17 – 1980: Hitch hiked around NZ with two girls for 6 weeks, went everywhere, back late for start of school yr 12. Great time. This is where I caught the travel bug!

Age 19 – 1982: Cycled solo (with tent), Sydney to Byron Bay – via Newcastle, Taree, Coffs harbour, Grafton.

Age 20 – 1983; Cycled solo, (with tent), West Coast of Tasmania – St Helens, Bicheno, Coles Bay, Richmond, Hobart.

Age 21 – 1984: Hitch hiked solo, ( with tent), Sydney to Darwin via Townsville and Mt Isa. Flew Darwin to Bali, Indonesia. Road trip by Bus, Bemo, Potato Truck, up through Java via Yogjakarta, Solo,  Mt Bromo, Sumatra, via Nias Island, through Lake Toba, to Medan. Return to Sydney.

Age 26 – 1989-1990: Flew Sydney to New Delhi, India,then Kathmandu, Nepal. Travelled overland in Jeep with roof tent, 3 guys, 3 +months from Nepal, through India Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Hungary, to Austria. Backpacked through Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, to London, (kicked out of van  ‘just because?’, on Autobahn in Switzerland go figure?), worked for 3 months in London, flew back to Sydney.

That said, greatest adventure so far, having a family!

Although I have visited and travelled in a number of other lands, The Australian Continent holds my imagination as the most ancient, and magical of lands and which still lays claim to the phrase –  ‘ powerful spirits dwell there .’

Internet User Privacy Challenge

I will release further relevant About Ben Croser details for every 1000 hits this site gets. The more interest, the more released.


I have made a commitment to the risks and challenges of this journey- this walk, but my family have not. I ask everyone, including perhaps well meaning media employees, to respect their privacy, and in the event of my untimely injury or death as road-kill, or by any other means,  please afford my family space and privacy to celebrate my passing in peace. Thank you in advance.


Contact: walkaway2014@gmail.com

Mob: – coming soon –

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