How This Site Works

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The Internet Meta-data spread will not show any connection to any other internet site, blog or destination.

Copy and paste

The references on the pages of this site are intended to be simply copied and pasted:

For Example:

CAP   Climate Change Hoax

CAP = Copy And Paste, into a Search Engine.

Copy the citation in Bold, or type the words freely,  ‘Climate Change Hoax‘.

This will bring up many listing on the Search Engine relevant to the discussion. The ones most relevant will be close to the first 5, however, as time passes, they may be found lower on the list. This also may bring up a specific publication, often ending in the .pdf suffix, which is what is referenced on this site. A published journal article or scientific report. These often have the title of the report in the web address.

Actual web  addresses will appear less the http://www prefix. It is a simple matter to copy and paste into a search engine and go from there.

And remember web addresses do disappear sometimes, no one’s fault.

If it is difficult to find the reference, persist and dig deep.

That may reveal additional viewpoints.

Viva Research !!

(Note: Advertisements appear on many sites linked in original articles posted with permission here at They are de-linked and referenced at the bottom of the page. It is not intended to direct readers to advertised material. The sites are here referenced in the interests of reasonable due diligence in web referencing integrity, nothing more.Therefore, please view such sites with this in mind.)


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